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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Chapter 3 - I kinda of already knew this?

Well hmm.. okay the whole pottery thing with mugs to bowls and stuff really boggled my mind. This guys just writes but its enjoyable in that some things are humerous. Haha.. good times for all! But all in all the messaging, electronic mail and the rest of the hoopla i was pretty much aware of.. not to sound like i'm "Miss Know It All" but like the mailing lists I enjoy very much, because instead of sending out one email per person its glorious when you can just put on a whole bunch of peoples e-mail addresses and just click SEND. AMEN to that! I was not aware of the news groups though.. but I think that thats awesome because you can use it within a business to discuss to people rather than being like, "Um Karen, can you please page John to meet me in the office." It's just a lot easier and more personal. For us we sort of have something like that in our school. We use Blackboard. It is a little online community where a professor can sign up all of his students and have discussions on the message boards or post when he/she (the professor) isn't going to be able to make it to class. Also on blackboard you are able to post grades and assignments. At first it was a pain to take on something new but after a while it's great to have that connection with your professor, rather than only e-mail.
I do believe that chat does get a bad rap though, only because I have a lot of good memories from being in chat rooms.. ever since I could remember. When I was in like fifth grade my mom would have to sign me into this chat room because by 3pm when I got home Nickolodeon's chatrooms were PACKED! So I LOVE chatrooms. Also they have some really cool trivia chatrooms. But now I have gone into chatroom and it's defintly not the same most people are like 14/f/pic/ny looking to hook up. And that changes into, 14 year old/female/has a picture/ and wants to meet up. So I guess from when I was in the chatroom till now it has defintly changed!
And I love webpages, they are intimate, they let us see what people want us to see. Everything that a person wants someone else to know could be easily put on a web page. I love it. I'm an addict to, I defintly recommend it to people to get to know people. It's basically have an online profile and you can send messages, add/delete friends, and so on. It's a lot of fun.

But overall I was pretty educated on this section of it all.. it's great to re-learn it and this guy defintly makes it more enjoyable to read!!!

And with Alexis'
blog she seems to agree with me on e-mails when she says, "Another aspect of this artciale that I felt was important was the section on e-mail. This is one aspect that effects buisnesses and personal lives conversationally mostly because the "urgency" to respond to an e-mail allows one to write more freely."

Also it was interesting to learn this from Miss M's, " My AOL screen name has "Dr" in it, indicating doctor. So it's no surprise that I get countless e-mails on Botox, Prozac, and Zoloft among others. The wizard who controls the web pages also wants me to get cheap skin injections. " I can't believe that that happens!


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