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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Assignment # 5 - Chapter 2

I believe that the web is here to let our voices ring out. Just like the phone and television it is an escape. We get to talk to other people in the same posistion as us in similar named or emotions chatrooms. We get to keep in touch with out friends through AIM and AOL and other instant messangers.. You can do almost anything with the web including talking with your voice if you have the microphone connection.
I dont think everything in life is managed but carefully watched and looked at. And we don't manage our families, it sounds too overpowering. We grow, learn, teach, accept with our children and families. That's what life is all about.. make mistakes and learn and grow from them. I think if I managed my family they'd be like soldiers and they have no voice, no say.
I agree that our voices play a very important part in the world today. With out it we wouldn't be where we are today. Such as people like Martin Luther King Jr., he had a vision and he spoke of that vision. Our Presidents, past and present, without their voice we wouldn't be where we are today as a Nation.
Our voice is very important and especially on the computer because I feel that often we are able to express our voice more so on the computer because it is easy to type then say it. But sometimes our voice or message might come off or out wrong on a computer. People aren't really sure how to take it or what you mean by it. But I believe that once you've said it on the computer or web it is easier to express how you feel face to face.
Also on the computer we are able to have our own websites if we wanted. There are online journals being written every single day. I know that quite a few of my friends have them and post their feelings or went on that day with them. For them I think they take it as a way to pour out there feelings onto a blank page and walk away feeling better. Just like venting to another person or a best friend but for some people speaking from the heart onto a blank page is just easier to do. It's like when you start typing you just keep going, like a really good idea you have, you go with it.
The web is a HUGE understanding community. It holds EVERYTHING. From porn to lyrics to old stuff on Ebay to the newest JC Penny Online Catalogue. It is the worlds connection to each other. That is my opinion, and honestly I have no idea where I would be without this technology. I keep in touch with friends and family, teachers for updates in class, find information fo research papers and so on.
Like I said in the beginning the internet is an escape and an understanding.

As far as my classmates, Julia seemed to agree with me that everything is not managed in life. It can't be or else the world be perfect. haha.. yeah right!
I also agree with Alexis' blog in that we may not have a hearing human voice but that with her example of using blogs are great in an educated way because we are able to listen to our classmates, get assignments etc.

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