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Thursday, May 19, 2005

For the Final I Did....

For the Final Project I...
1) Went to the MoMa and took pictures of art that were shown at the interviews.
2) I was also part of the Public Relations Group and I got some of the flyers from the lovely DEB and posted them up around school on message boards, under the glass of the cafeteria's tables and went from floor 32-2 in 55th St. dorms with the fab. Julia and stappled the flyers on the message boards.

Gilbert, it was such a pleasure to be working with you. I honestly had a blast! Thanks for the memories and best of luck in the future!

Have a great Summer!

OW!!! OW!!!

<3 Deanna

Thursday, April 21, 2005

F to the O to the L, K to the SON to the OMY! = FOLKSONOMY!

Well first a foremost I read the definition on Folksonomy on and then I googled folksonomy. And according to this website, Folksonomy is defined as , “A Folksonomy is a collection of metadata created by users.” Now I defintly remember that metadata is data about data, I don't think that I could forget that. (thanks Gilb) Also on this website they say that there are many definitions of Folksonomy and the author of the post writes, "So, for those who don’t know, and because I couldn’t find one to share with you, I’ll try and give you a simple, practical, jargon-less, and hopefully accurate definition of my own: The term “folksonomy” was coined by Thomas Vander Wal and it’s used to describe the tagging and classification systems used by many social networking applications (example: Flickr) wherein individual users tag data or content (Web pages, photos, links, lists, etc.) however they choose and the system aggregates those tags and (usually) groups them into a weighted list of some kind." So basically folksonomy is putting things into subject folders. Such as in the library we have Subjects, Authors, Etc in the card catalogue. Am I on the right page? Is folksonomy categorizing everything so it's easier to come across? Because if I am on the right page then I think that that is brillant. For istance when I did join Flickr and uploaded picture onto my account I thought it was great to "tag" my picture for example : I have a picture on there of my and my boyfriend and I tagged it Puppy Love... aww I know but for other whoever searches that tag will then bring up my picture. Please tell me I'm on the right track!
I really do enjoy . I think that it is fabulous to tag it how you want other people to search for it. For instance I had as one of my websites on and instead of having the whole website address on my account I had Funny Stuff. So whoever now types in FUNNY STUFF.. will see and go to it to see FUNNY STUFF. If you want to comment on it too you can! I think that's awesome! It's simple and easy.. just how I like it! I have to say that I am pretty excited about this.
And I think that this would work really well in Organizations only because everyone will know how to search for things its almost like using google when you type in a specific word all the documents with that word shows up. And I think that tagging or FoLkSoNoMy is a lot better because it's easier to find stuff.. people tend to think alike, Ya know? And I believe that when things are organized it can make peoples lives better... organizing usually does.

And I agree with Alexis' blog when she writes, "This also (obviously) applies to students as well, and I think that as technology advances there will be many more ideas like the folksonomy that will not only make organizations lives a lot more easy but people in general as well. " It defintly WILL make lives more easier... organizing usually does.
And I absolutely love how Chris states it in his blog, "A folksonomy is a way to organize information, and its uncontrolled nature has many positive and negative aspects. " It defintly does have positive and negative aspects. Everything has that.

Alrighty.. Folksonomy is great! <3 till next blog.. later all

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Chapter 3 - I kinda of already knew this?

Well hmm.. okay the whole pottery thing with mugs to bowls and stuff really boggled my mind. This guys just writes but its enjoyable in that some things are humerous. Haha.. good times for all! But all in all the messaging, electronic mail and the rest of the hoopla i was pretty much aware of.. not to sound like i'm "Miss Know It All" but like the mailing lists I enjoy very much, because instead of sending out one email per person its glorious when you can just put on a whole bunch of peoples e-mail addresses and just click SEND. AMEN to that! I was not aware of the news groups though.. but I think that thats awesome because you can use it within a business to discuss to people rather than being like, "Um Karen, can you please page John to meet me in the office." It's just a lot easier and more personal. For us we sort of have something like that in our school. We use Blackboard. It is a little online community where a professor can sign up all of his students and have discussions on the message boards or post when he/she (the professor) isn't going to be able to make it to class. Also on blackboard you are able to post grades and assignments. At first it was a pain to take on something new but after a while it's great to have that connection with your professor, rather than only e-mail.
I do believe that chat does get a bad rap though, only because I have a lot of good memories from being in chat rooms.. ever since I could remember. When I was in like fifth grade my mom would have to sign me into this chat room because by 3pm when I got home Nickolodeon's chatrooms were PACKED! So I LOVE chatrooms. Also they have some really cool trivia chatrooms. But now I have gone into chatroom and it's defintly not the same most people are like 14/f/pic/ny looking to hook up. And that changes into, 14 year old/female/has a picture/ and wants to meet up. So I guess from when I was in the chatroom till now it has defintly changed!
And I love webpages, they are intimate, they let us see what people want us to see. Everything that a person wants someone else to know could be easily put on a web page. I love it. I'm an addict to, I defintly recommend it to people to get to know people. It's basically have an online profile and you can send messages, add/delete friends, and so on. It's a lot of fun.

But overall I was pretty educated on this section of it all.. it's great to re-learn it and this guy defintly makes it more enjoyable to read!!!

And with Alexis'
blog she seems to agree with me on e-mails when she says, "Another aspect of this artciale that I felt was important was the section on e-mail. This is one aspect that effects buisnesses and personal lives conversationally mostly because the "urgency" to respond to an e-mail allows one to write more freely."

Also it was interesting to learn this from Miss M's, " My AOL screen name has "Dr" in it, indicating doctor. So it's no surprise that I get countless e-mails on Botox, Prozac, and Zoloft among others. The wizard who controls the web pages also wants me to get cheap skin injections. " I can't believe that that happens!

Assignment # 5 - Chapter 2

I believe that the web is here to let our voices ring out. Just like the phone and television it is an escape. We get to talk to other people in the same posistion as us in similar named or emotions chatrooms. We get to keep in touch with out friends through AIM and AOL and other instant messangers.. You can do almost anything with the web including talking with your voice if you have the microphone connection.
I dont think everything in life is managed but carefully watched and looked at. And we don't manage our families, it sounds too overpowering. We grow, learn, teach, accept with our children and families. That's what life is all about.. make mistakes and learn and grow from them. I think if I managed my family they'd be like soldiers and they have no voice, no say.
I agree that our voices play a very important part in the world today. With out it we wouldn't be where we are today. Such as people like Martin Luther King Jr., he had a vision and he spoke of that vision. Our Presidents, past and present, without their voice we wouldn't be where we are today as a Nation.
Our voice is very important and especially on the computer because I feel that often we are able to express our voice more so on the computer because it is easy to type then say it. But sometimes our voice or message might come off or out wrong on a computer. People aren't really sure how to take it or what you mean by it. But I believe that once you've said it on the computer or web it is easier to express how you feel face to face.
Also on the computer we are able to have our own websites if we wanted. There are online journals being written every single day. I know that quite a few of my friends have them and post their feelings or went on that day with them. For them I think they take it as a way to pour out there feelings onto a blank page and walk away feeling better. Just like venting to another person or a best friend but for some people speaking from the heart onto a blank page is just easier to do. It's like when you start typing you just keep going, like a really good idea you have, you go with it.
The web is a HUGE understanding community. It holds EVERYTHING. From porn to lyrics to old stuff on Ebay to the newest JC Penny Online Catalogue. It is the worlds connection to each other. That is my opinion, and honestly I have no idea where I would be without this technology. I keep in touch with friends and family, teachers for updates in class, find information fo research papers and so on.
Like I said in the beginning the internet is an escape and an understanding.

As far as my classmates, Julia seemed to agree with me that everything is not managed in life. It can't be or else the world be perfect. haha.. yeah right!
I also agree with Alexis' blog in that we may not have a hearing human voice but that with her example of using blogs are great in an educated way because we are able to listen to our classmates, get assignments etc.

<3 - till next blog

Thursday, March 17, 2005

We Die ~ The Cluetrain Manifesto

We die are the words I most remember from chapter one in The Cluetrain Manifesto:The End of Business as Usual. We die, we do die but like the first chapter said it is usually put in a nicer way, a way that gives us a softer fall. Another part that really got to me and kind of made me teary eyed was, "..the old neighborhood isn't what it used to be. " Wow, how true is that, I mean I look at my neighborhood where I grew up and it used to be so big and enchanting. I wanted to get lost in my neighborhood and have adventures with my school friends. And now, at 19 years old I know every street, I know every store, the nearest gas station, it's old and boring. But rather than me having a nervous break down on just the first two paragraphs back in the introduction it is true about how technology such as the computer has evolved. I honestly don't know where I would be without the internet. It's an escape, we get to talk to people who are going through the same thing in chat rooms, we get to meet new people to date, we make new friends and keep up with old friends. Companies are even opening their doors to the interenet. Companies use intranets, a system where only that company can communicated with eachother. With the intranet companies can to talk to each other about the next big advertising campaign, they get to advertise their company on www dot com's. It's really evolving.
Also thanks to the intranet in a way you can talk about people without them finding out, hopefully. Thanks to the e-mail we are able to speak and pour out our feelings without ever speaking a word, so in a way you really aren't "talking" about them. And if it's just me, when I'm on the computer and using AIM or AOL, I can easily type something, something you wouldn't catch me ever saying. Do you agree?

Years and years ago people could not trade and purchase items easily without traveling to that far off land but today with technology and the internet we have websites such as Ebay to purchase, sell and trade and so on. Almost every clothing store has an "online catalogue" you can order from. Everything is right at our finger tips, we dont even have to get up and out of our chairs.

I would have to agree with Julia. I agree with her when she writes, " I thought it was a little bit of a cheap shot to grab people by manipulating them emotionally to start reading about how business and the methods they have used are going down the drain." It's true we die, but we don't need to be reminded and get lured in emotionally to talk about business and methods.

I also agree with Alexis. I agree with her when she says, "For the most part buisnesses just want to sell, they are becoming less concerned with the personality of thier company." Businesses wants to sell.. they want MONEY $$ *CHA CHING* that's all they want.. but there personality traits are slowly going down. And I believe it. It's not how it used to be.. gurr

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What Is The World Comming To? :(

After reading the essay,"Unmade in America: The True Cost of the Global Assembly Line," theUnited States relies on other countries too much to supply and create products. Times have defiantly changed since Henry Ford’s vision on being able to be on top of how his products are produced. It’s sad to think that other countries such as Taiwan have to work for us and in a way slave over creating supplies for product such as Dell computers. And we rely on these countries and we’re not on top of them making sure that these supplies they are producing are being made correctly. With Ford’s views at least he could be on top of things with his products and if something went wrong he was right there to fix them, the problem was in his hands. But with the way things are produced today in other countries and to have a problem such as the earthquake in Taiwan, it is hard to travel so far just to solve it. There is no reason why we shouldn’t collaborate and work with other countries but to rely on them so much to supply and create the product is ridiculous. The United States of America needs to start representing the country that we are known to be and the country that we really are. We need to produce products more so in the United States so we can stand by our guarantees.

I agree with Alexis'
blog response on this essay. Especially where she says, " It is almost as if we have so much threat to our country that no one is properly preparing for the "what if's" that are not so unimaginable anymore. The many companies that are run like Dell are relying way too heavily foreign countries to manufature thier product." In a way we see eye to eye on this topic.

Also Miss M's blog is how it seems to be with the example she gives that says, "I am always referring to that episode of Family Guy, where Peter is standing in front of the line, watching potential and hazardous toys pass before him as he stands there in a drunken stupor." I know this episode VERY well and is this really happening in other countries that we can't see? I mean I know that the Family Guy is a cartoon but there is no reason why this can't be happening elsewhere, it's scary just to think.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

SO FUNNY, Guaranteed it will make you laugh!

I wish I had this guys MoVEs

<3 De

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hey all!

A lot of people had a lot of goodies and awesome websites in their blogs. It's awesome to learn about other people and their interests.

Brenna has a lot of cool sites on her blog. If you're interested in where to shop for fashionable furniture check out her blog. (Hint: IKEA)

Angel didn't have any sites on her blog yet, but she had an awesome picture on her blog that I fell in love with, NYC all the way!

Another really cool blog is Danielle's because she has a lot of fun sites on it. I'd defintly check out the 80's tees site. There is a huge variety of style and color, I'd defintly cehck it out!

That's all folks! Be Good and enjoy!

<3 Deanna